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Invoice Factoring: Financing Solutions for Navigating Financial Surprises

You can’t predict the unexpected—but you can prepare for it. Navigate economic downtowns and supply chain disruptions more confidently with REV Capital’s invoice factoring services. Access to emergency working capital today.
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The Unpredictable Challenges of Unexpected Events

Sound Familiar?

Cashflow Disruptions

Sudden cashflow interruptions make it hard to cover day-to-day expenses.

Inability to Seize Opportunities

Growth opportunities are rare—can you afford to pass them up?

Increased Reliance on Debt

Insufficient capital forces businesses to use loans or credit in emergencies.
Preparing Your Business for the Unexpected

Unexpected events can strain your business’s finances, making resilient financing essential. Financial resilience is crucial for navigating uncertainties, and adaptable financing solutions like invoice factoring empower businesses to face challenges confidently, ensuring sustained operations and growth amid unforeseen events.

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Financial Solutions

Cashflow Financing with Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a simple process. You collect your invoices and submit them to us to be paid. Once you’ve been paid, we begin the work of collecting the outstanding invoices from your customers. It’s that easy.

Streamline Your Cashflow Today - It’s Easier Than You Think!

Get peace of mind knowing emergency working capital is always available with invoice factoring from REV Capital.
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Benefits of Factoring During Financial Uncertainties
Rapid Access to Critical Funds
Small businesses and established companies both encounter unforeseen challenges that necessitate cash on hand. Unlike a business loan, invoice emergency factoring turns your accounts receivable into money you can use.
Confidence in Unpredictable Times
Your ability to navigate unexpected and challenging situations shouldn’t hinge on whether or not a customer pays their invoice on time. We’ll give you access to the emergency working capital you need to feel confident navigating the unknown.
Adaptable Financing
Struggling companies are often locked into rigid agreements, but invoice factoring is flexible and can be adapted to your needs as they evolve. It can be tailored to the unique challenges posed by unexpected events on the fly.
Strategic Decision-Making
Knowing you have access to emergency working capital will empower you to make more strategic decisions during uncertain times. Your decision-making should never be affected by a lack of cashflow—and with invoice factoring it never will be.
Mitigated Risks
Improved cashflow also helps mitigate risks, as you’ll be financially insulated from whatever situations may arise. If you identify business risks proactively, our flexible funding options provide the cash you need to take action and resolve them.
Minimizing the Impact of Financial Shocks
Financial shocks can and do happen. Emergency factoring is an alternative to pressing the panic button, as it provides you with a cushion to stay afloat. You and your team will benefit from having access to a steady flow of working capital.
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Industries We Serve

Can Your Business Confidently Navigate the Unpredictable?

REV Capital is one of the few factoring companies that has worked with businesses across a variety of industries. From disaster recovery to import and export businesses, we’ve helped them all prepare for the unexpected. We can help you next!

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How REV Capital Can Enhance Your Business

Express Payment Solutions

Submit your invoices and experience timely relief due to our commitment to fast and efficient payment processing.

Team Discussion
Team Discussion

24/7 Access to Your Cash

REV Capital provides you with around-the-clock access to your cash. It’s important to us that you always have what you need.

Dedicated Client Relationship Manager

We’re partners in invoice factoring. When you factor invoices with us, you’ll have a dedicated client relationship manager who is always ready to help.

Team Discussion
Team Discussion

Transparent Fee Structures

We don’t do hidden fees. Transparency matters to us—you’ll always know what you’re paying for and when you’re paying for it with REV Capital.

Quick & Simple Process

Invoice factoring is the simplest form of cashflow financing. Just submit your invoices and get paid while we handle the burden of collection.

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You provide a product or service to your customer
Free ShippingOnline ChatCheckoutPay InvoiceInsurance
You send your invoice directly to REV Capital
We wait for your client to pay us per their terms
We pay you up to 95% of your invoice value same-day
We return the 5% holdback to you less a samll fee

Why Clients Choose Us

By far the best in the business. I have never worked with a company more responsive, professional and collaborative. Our Client Relationship Manager is always available even after hours and they are always trying to find solutions to save us money and time.
Sam Ibrahim
Star rating
Excellent customer service and great company to work with. We transferred our account from a different factoring company and it has been so much easier working with REV Capital.
Forte Freight
Star rating
The biggest reason we appreciate this company is their amazing staff. Always courteous and friendly, and their expertise is top notch. They value each and every one of their customers, and that comes across clearly. If I could give them a million stars,I would.
Cynthia C.
Star rating

Confidently Face the Unexpected with REV Capital

Unexpected events happen, but access to emergency working capital will protect you. 

Invoice factoring with REV Capital is the best way to prepare for the worst. Contact us today for flexible funding options that work—you deserve peace of mind!

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FAQs About Unexpected Events

How quickly can a business access funds through invoice factoring in times of urgency?
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Emergency factoring with REV Capital gives you access to funds in less than 24 hours. You’ll get the emergency working capital you need in less than a day!

How does invoice factoring contribute to business continuity and recovery?
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Invoice factoring is one of the most flexible funding options, which, in turn, makes it a great supporter of business continuity and recovery. It gives you access to the cash you need when you need it and without restrictions. This gives you the freedom to allocate funds as needed to address needs when they arise during and after unexpected events.

How does invoice factoring differ from traditional financing options?
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Unlike traditional business loans or lines of credit, emergency financing via invoice factoring is not restrictive or tied to rising interest rates. You’re not “borrowing” money—you’re getting paid money you’ve earned sooner. As such, one of the many invoice factoring pros is how it meets the needs of the present without sacrificing the future of your business.

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