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The Advantages Of Invoice Factoring - REV Capital

What Are The Advantages of Invoice Factoring

Even if you’ve ignored the power of invoice factoring in the past, there are reasons to change your mind in the future. As you learn more about the advantages ...
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5 Ways Invoice Factoring Is Different Than A Loan

On the surface, invoice factoring and bank loans appear similar. They’re both excellent options for securing funds for your business. However, as you dig deeper, you’ll find that there is no shortage of differences ...
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5 Ways Invoice Factoring Is Different Than A Loan - REV Capital
Invoice Factoring Crucial To Growing A Business - REV Capital

Why is Invoice Factoring Crucial to Growing a Business?

In simple terms, invoice factoring — also known as debt factoring and accounts receivable factoring — is a unique form of financing
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I’m already factoring with REV

If you're a current client with us, we're to help support you and your account as much as we can. For a quick and easy walkthrough on how to use a variety of our platforms and tools for your business, take a look at our How To articles.

How to: Upload Invoices Through the Client Portal

Effortlessly upload invoices using our client portal for real-time processing and status tracking.

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Follow these steps first:

1. Navigate to the REV Capital Client Portal via a web browser (portal.revinc.com) or through the App and sign in.

2. Select your company's name under its correct currency (CAD or USD). Do not select company portfolio name at the top.

3. You'll be directed to the dashboard. Click on “Purchases” on the menu to the left.

4. Click on “New Batch”, then “Import File”, and continue.

If you are uploading a single invoice:

5. Select “Image Only” for a single invoice upload (PDF, PNG, or JPG) under “Select import file type”.

6. After selecting your files, click“Save”.

7. Check your dashboard for the uploaded document, checking to make sure you select the right batch number and hit “Submit”.

If you’re uploading multiple invoices:

5. Fill out the received Invoice Upload Template Excel Spreadsheet with all invoice details. You should have received this in your welcome email. In the case that you’ve misplaced this Excel sheet, you can ask your CRM to send it to you.

6. Follow step 4, then set the option as "spreadsheet" under “Select import file”.

7. Browse and select your Excel file.

8. Then click on “Add image”, upload all invoices included in the Excel sheet, and hit “Save”.

9. Check your dashboard for the uploaded document, checking to make sure you select the right batch number and hit “Submit”.

After 5 minutes, refresh the page to see the Processing status. If the batch is missing from your Purchases later, it means it's being processed. Check its status under the “Invoices” tab in your menu.

How to: Request a Free Debtor Credit Check

As a REV Capital client, you can easily request credit checks on existing and new debtors through our database.

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Follow these steps first:

1. Access the REV Capital Client Portal via web browser (portal.revinc.com) or through the App and sign in.

2. Select your company's name under its correct currency (CAD or USD). Do not select company Portfolio name at the top

3. You'll be directed to the dashboard.

Existing Debtor Credit Check:

4. Click on “Debtors” in the left menu and search the debtor's name.

5. From the results list, select the right debtor, by matching the debtors, address, email, and phone number to what you have on file.

6. Check for "Approved" status and confirm details such as credit limit.

Existing Debtor Credit Increase Request:

4. Click on "Credit Requests" in the left menu, then "New Request", followed by "Manual Entry".

5. Search debtor by name or MC number, fill out the required fields including the requested credit amount, and hit "Submit".

6. Refresh the page periodically to check the status update.

New Debtor Credit Request:

4. Click on "Credit Requests" in the left menu, then "New Request", followed by "Manual Entry".

5. Input the debtor's name or MC number, click "Add New", complete the required fields with as much detail as possible, then "Submit".

6. Refresh the page periodically to check the status update.

Once approved or denied, the status reflects the decision with a response from our team if applicable.

NOTE: If the status shows "Call Credit" with credit under $20,000, or "Denied"/"Held",contact your CRM.

How to: Download the REV Capital App on Your Phone

You can access the REV Capital Portal easily through your phone, without having to use the browser to log in. Here’s how you can do it:

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1.   Go to your Safari or Chrome browser on your phone and type in the link to the portal: portal.revinc.com

2.    On the site, tap on the “Share” button at the bottom of your screen

3.    Scroll down and click on “Add to Home Screen”

4.    You will be prompted to give the app a name. Once you’ve given it a name, click on “ADD”

5.    You will now be able to access the portal directly from your home screen

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I’m interested! How long before I receive my first payment?
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It can take as little as 24 hours after we receive a few simple documents from you to receive your first payment. For larger or more complicated businesses, it will take us a few days to get everything in order.  Once you’re a client, you’ll receive your funds the same day you send us invoices.

Do you have to contact my customers? I don’t want them to think my business is struggling.
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Yes, we must be able to communicate with your customers; we need to ensure the invoices you’ve assigned to us will get paid in full to us.  

Rest easy – we are very aware that the relationships you have with your customers are critically important! After all, without customers you wouldn’t have a business, and that's why we make sure our collection efforts are gentle and friendly.  Our well-trained collections people are pros at explaining how we’re working together and will leave no doubt in your customers’ minds that your business is booming and that’s why you’ve partnered with us – you’ve outsourced back office tasks, such as sending out invoices and collection activities, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Because of our size, chances are we already have great relationships with most, if not all, of your customers.  They’ll think you’re wise to be factoring with us!  

If we’re having a problem getting one of your customers to pay, we’ll let you know so you can decide if you want to take a more heavy-handed approach to getting those invoices settled.

What makes REV a cut above other factoring companies?
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Transparency:  We don’t hide fees in the fine print and are very upfront and honest about ALL our charges.  We don’t headline a very low rate, and then shock you with extra charges once you’ve signed a contract with high termination penalties. 

Flexibility:  We don’t rigidly follow rules that protect our risk and our bottom line, restricting your funding as a result.  This is one of the greatest advantages we have over our competitors.  Our Client Relationship Managers are empowered to find creative solutions to help you get the cash you need when you need it.  We understand life happens.

Excellent Service:  We take great pride in the fact that our Trustpilot and Google reviews are the best in our industry.  Our clients obviously love partnering with us! 

No Minimums: Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t require you to submit a certain amount of invoicing, and then charge you a hefty fee when you fail to meet this obligation.

What services other than providing cash are included in your fee?
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Our expert teams use cutting-edge processes and technology to take care of the following for you so you don’t have to have pay for the people or the systems to accomplish these tasks:

● Our experienced Client Relationship Managers will help you make wise customer credit decisions by providing credit information and payment trends for your customers.  

● Our system automatically sends out your invoices to your customers the same day you submit them to us for funding.

● Our adept accounting team attends to all aspects of allocating your customers’ cash.

● Our proficient collections team reaches out to your customers to ensure payments are remitted in a timely manner.  Any issues with your invoices are promptly communicated to you so problems are quickly fixed.

What is factoring?
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Factoring is the process of a business selling its unpaid, collectable invoices to a financial services company for immediate cash. It really is as simple as that.

Who qualifies for factoring?
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If you’ve got business to business invoices that are going to be paid, give us a call. We factor invoices from across a wide range of industries, from small to large companies, and can factor a company’s very first invoice or their 100,000th invoice. Reach out today to see how we can help you grow your business!

What is factoring going to cost me?
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Your fee is dependant upon the volume of invoices you submit and your industry. Keep in mind that while we are slightly more expensive than traditional-type financing, we save you money as well, as we do many of your routine back office tasks which are included in this fee. Visit our contact page to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members today to find out what we can do for you.

Do I have to factor all our invoices?
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No.  While we prefer to fund all your invoices, and many of our competitors insist on this, you may choose to hold back invoices for some of your customers.  However, we are not a spot factor – you need to submit every invoice for the customers for which you choose to factor invoices.

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