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Staffing Business Reached $40M In Accounts - REV Capital

Efficiency at its finest: How this staffing business reached $40M in accounts receivable in just three years.

"By far the most elite client service executives a business can ask for."

When Arrow Workforce Solutions wanted to grow their operations. Their bank offered a line of credit with a limit so low, it wasn’t even enough to cover payables, let alone give them the funds they needed to expand...

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Lack of access to flexible capital was their most significant obstacle. REV Capital offered them a $5M factoring facility – with room for growth – to pay down the existing line of credit and cover immediate payables.

The influx of access to capital gave Arrow the liquidity needed to unleash their sales team. As they continued to pick up larger accounts, REV Capital was there to increase the facility limit.

Access to immediate cashflow allowed Arrow to confidently go after larger and more lucrative accounts. They are free to focus on what they do best – offering quality staffing services, while leaving the back-office administration and cash management to REV Capital.

Breaking Barriers: How factoring helped this transportation company open a new freight brokerage division in just a few short years.

"The online tools greatly assist with accounting and the payment system is seamless."

GT was a one-man-show for over ten years. The company built an excellent customer database, but consistently struggled to manage their cashflow...

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As a result, GT struggled to pay its drivers and subcontractors. GT decided to look for a finance partner who understood the specifics of their business and who could manage the back-office administration.

REV Capital offered GT a credit facility limit of $50,000. REV Capital was able to provide immediate cash to GT based on the creditworthiness of GT’s debtors. Factoring is unique in that it is the only form of lending that availability is based on the creditworthiness of payers rather than principals.

Within a few short years, their receivables have increased to $600,000. REV Capital helped GT achieve their goals by providing immediate cashflow, industry knowledge, and quality customer service. By removing the stress of everyday back-office administration, GT was able to concentrate its efforts on scaling a profitable business.

Factoring Helped Transportation Company To Open Brokerage Division - REV Capital
Factoring Rescued Trucking Company From Insolvency - REV Capital

From Zero to Hero: How factoring rescued this trucking company from the brink of insolvency.

"Great staff, excellent company. They understand your problems and do their best to help you."

NGE was offered a “too good to be true” low rate by another factoring company. While there, the new factoring company completely mishandled the account increased their debt, and tried to buy the company from them for pennies on the dollar...

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Above and beyond receiving worst customer service, NGE was now in serious financial trouble.

REV Capital bought NGE back from the new factoring company, extended credit to pay off the outstanding debts, and began the process of slowly rebuilding the company’s financial health with significant cashflow support.

With REV Capital’s support, NGE went from being on the brink of insolvency to a full recovery – an improvement to how they were before the switch. They are now free to focus on building their business even further, while REV Capital properly manages their accounts and their cashflow. NGE has gone on record to say that they regret choosing a low fee over dependable service and trustworthy business practices.

Streamlining Success: How this manufacturing company diversified its client base by using extended payment terms as a sales tactic.

"Head and shoulders above the other factoring companies we previously worked with."

When ASSC, a manufacturer of industrial boxes for large multinational companies across North America, was faced with a cash crunch that presented a significant obstacle to ASSC’s growth they found themselves short of a crisis...

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Their clients typically have 60-day terms, but their suppliers and staff expect payment immediately.  

REV Capital offered immediate liquidity by purchasing the receivables and funding ASSC within 24 hours.

By factoring 40% more of their receivables with REV Capital, ASSC was able to pay its suppliers on time and reinvest its profits much quicker. Factoring has provided ASSC with the financial security needed to become an industry leader in their market.

Manufacturing Company Diversifies Its Client Base - REV Capital
Revolutionizing The Trucking Industry - REV Capital

Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry: How factoring helped this trucking business grow its receivables to $600,000.

"Provided us with exceptional service ever since we began working with them in 2018."

HH wanted to grow their trucking business and hoped to be able to do so with the support of the bank. They believed that factoring was too expensive in comparison...

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HH needed affordable capital to scale their business. HH came to the realization that despite the low rates offered by banks, they were not able to navigate the unnecessarily tough conditions and requirements expected by institutional lenders. They also realized that a bank line would not grow as quickly as they could. Instead,

REV Capital offered a competitive fee structure, same-day funding, and flexible credit facility limits for maximum growth potential. HH’s accounts receivable grew to over $600,000.

REV Capital didn’t just provide them with the cash injection they needed – they also provided HH with a level of service they didn’t previously believe was possible to get from a non-traditional lender. HH has since changed their position on factoring and agree that it is the most flexible source of cashflow financing available to SMEs.

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