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Accelerate Your Cashflow with Expert Food & Beverage Invoice Factoring

Is your business struggling to manage extended payment terms or seasonal demand swings in the hospitality industry? Turn unpaid invoices into cash with REV Capital’s specialized food and beverage invoice factoring!

Hungry for Invoice Factoring?

Food and beverage invoice factoring is a financial solution that allows you to sell outstanding invoices for a cash injection. REV Capital, North America’s leading invoice factoring company, can provide you with a payment that’s up to 98% of the total invoice value.
Quick and Easy Approval Process
No Long-Term Contracts or Hidden Fees
24/7 Access to Online Account Management Tools

Tailored Solutions for Food & Beverage Businesses

Not only do you have to deal with fluctuating demand, perishable inventory, and seasonal variations in the food and beverage sector, but you also need to keep up with supply chain disruptions. As such, food and beverage companies need industry-specific financing solutions designed to overcome these challenges effectively.
Reliable Payments - REV Capital
Improve Inventory Management

Food and beverage invoice factoring helps businesses purchase more inventory, replenish stock, and meet customer demand.

Reliable Payments - REV Capital
Mitigate Supply Chain Issues

This form of food and beverage financing allows you to efficiently manage supply disruptions with fast and consistent access to cash.

Reliable Payments - REV Capital
Access to Greater Working Capital

You’ll unlock more working capital that can then be invested in new technologies as well as the day-to-day operations of your food and beverage business.

How Food & Beverage Invoice Factoring Works

Food and beverage invoice factoring is a recipe that works. You serve up the invoices and we quickly prepare the cash so your capital is never restricted. Our mission is serving you; our process is speedy, flexible, and, most importantly, designed to work for you!

Streamlined Financial Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Our success stories speak for themselves. REV Capital has helped everyone—from small businesses and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations and manufacturers—get paid for their work and grow their businesses. No matter what corner of the food industry your business operates in, invoice factoring will work for you.

Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops
Customers come and go, but food and beverage factoring is available year-round to help stabilize your cashflow before, during, and after seasonal fluctuations.
Food Manufacturing
Food manufacturing factoring helps companies navigate supply chain disruptions by giving them the capital needed to persevere through unforeseen issues.
Beverage Production
Our food and beverage industry financing solutions ensure smooth operations by giving you the cash needed to handle production cycles and market demands.
Food & Beverage Retail
Stock management, seasonal inventory changes, and expansion plans in retail environments can be streamlined with unique food and beverage financing solutions.
Food & Beverage Distributors
Food and beverage invoice factoring gives distributors a boost when handling diverse supplier payments and fluctuating demands.
Food Service Management
Large-scale food service operations often experience extended payment terms—food and beverage invoice factoring can help manage them.
Catering Companies
Catering invoice factoring provides financial agility for event-based businesses, providing them with the cash they need to stay proactive and competitive.
Food Packaging & Processing
Invoice factoring supports investments in staffing, technology, and other activities for businesses specializing in the packaging and processing of food products.
Wine & Spirits Manufacturing
Our food and beverage financing assists in managing inventory and helps wine and spirits manufacturers capitalize on market opportunities.
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Choosing the Right Financial Solution for Your Food & Beverage Business

There are many food and beverage financing solutions out there, including traditional loans, private equity financing, debt financing, and more. However, none of them balance the needs of the present with the future like invoice factoring:

Traditional Food and Beverage Financing

Longer approval processes
Stringent credit criteria
Fixed loan amounts
Fixed monthly repayments
Often involves extensive paperwork

Food and Beverage Invoice Factoring

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Quicker access to funds
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Reduced focus on your credit
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Payments grow with receivables
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Paid when customers settle invoices
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Generally less paperwork and bureaucracy

Onboarding With REV

What You Need To Get Started

Some information about your business
Tell us a bit about your business and customers. We've probably served your industry before, but every business is unique! Like most financial institutions, REV requires standard KYC documents such as Articles of Incorporation, Business Licenses, IDs, and Financial Statements.
Basic details about your invoices
In order to purchase an invoice, REV requires the same documentation that your client needs in order to pay. This usually includes the invoice, confirmation, and proof of service.
A signed application form
Filling out an application couldn't be simpler. A few quick questions stand between you and cashflow freedom!


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B2B service provider
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Creditworthy debtors
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Clear audit trail
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North American customers
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Monthly volumes up to $10 M
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No consignment sales
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No pre-billing
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No liens on A/R
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No warranties
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No progress billing
Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Some changes are hard.
This one is easy.
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FAQs About Food & Beverage Invoice Factoring

How quickly can I access funds through invoice factoring?
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When you choose food and beverage invoice factoring with REV Capital, our commitment to swift processing means you’re paid as soon as possible after submitting your invoices!

What are the two types of invoice factoring?
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The two types of invoice factoring are recourse factoring and non-recourse factoring. REV Capital provides recourse factoring, empowering our clients with a reliable solution where they maintain control and responsibility over their accounts receivable.Financing growth through invoice factoring provides quick access to working capital by converting your invoices (a.k.a. your accounts receivable) into cash. Getting paid immediately rather than in weeks or months means that you, as a business owner, can strike when the iron is hot and seize valuable opportunities to maximize growth potential.

Does invoice factoring require a credit check?
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Invoice factoring companies run credit checks on your business and your customers. They are much more concerned with the latter, as this is how they will evaluate the risk they are assuming in trying to collect invoices from them.While it varies by factoring company, the most important eligibility criteria is usually the creditworthiness of your customers. With the factoring company assuming the burden of collecting invoices, they want to feel confident your customers can and will pay them. Invoices that are clear and free of loopholes can also be business growth funding criteria.

What happens if my customers fail to pay their invoices?
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