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Driving Change With You In Mind

Customer centricity is at the core of our culture. At REV Capital, every decision begins and ends with you in mind.

Our Commitment to You

Radical Transparency

No hidden fees, no misleading fine print, and no confusion around your funding. We offer our clients complete visibility into every transaction on their account through our 24/7 accessible portal.

Absolute Flexibility

We service a variety of industries, so you won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach here. Whether you need your funding weekly or daily, by wire or check, in the morning or evening, we have you covered.

Exceptional Service

We thrive on building real relationships. No big call-centres, no generic emails, and no robots. Our Client Relationship Managers are real people, just a phone call away.

“We are dedicated to delivering nothing but the best to our clients - unparalleled personalized service, competitive rates, and an unwavering commitment to adding as much value as possible.”

Loren Shifrin

CEO & Founder

Our Leadership

Loren Shifrin, Chief Executive Officer - REV Capital
Loren Shifrin
Chief Executive Officer
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Michael Lukhton, Chief Financial Officer - REV Capital
Michael Lukhton
Chief Financial Officer
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Paul DeLuca, Chief Growth Officer - REV Capital
Paul DeLuca
Chief Growth Officer
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Agapi Karapetyan, Controller - REV Capital
Agapi Karapetyan
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Angelica Ly-Duarte, Director Of Client Relations - REV Capital
Angelica Ly-Duarte
Director of Client Relations
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Anne Conway, Director Of Operations - REV Capital
Anne Conway
Director of Operations
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Cassandra Prce, Director Of Risk - REV Capital
Cassandra Prce
Director of Risk
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Johannes Peñaloza, Director Of IT - REV Capital
Johannes Peñaloza
Director of IT
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Michael Rakhnayev, Director Of  Sales - REV Capital
Jon Turner
Director of Sales
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Slava Vishnyakov, Director of Compliance - REV Capital
Slava Vishnyakov
Director of Compliance
Susan Himelfarb, Director Of HR - REV Capital
Susan Himelfarb
Director of HR
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Michael Lukhton
Teodor Vicol
Director of Credit and Underwriting
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Trishaala Ninan, Director Of Marketing - REV Capital
Trishaala Ninan
Director of Marketing
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Our Sales Leadership

Amelia Dipprey, President Of Southern Division - REV Capital
Amelia Dipprey
President - Southern Division
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Bobby Dhillon, President Of Western Divisiont - REV Capital
Bobby Dhillon
President - Western Division
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Mark Dubs, President Of Eastern Division - REV Capital
Mark Dubs
President - Eastern Division
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Olga Baldin, Senior VP Of Business Development - REV Capital
Olga Baldin
Senior VP of Business Development
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Gagandeep Hundal, Senior VP Of Business Development - REV Capital
Gagandeep Hundal
Senior VP of Business Development
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Ashok Sounthararasa, Commercial Credit Executive - REV Capital
Ashok Sounthararasa
Commercial Credit Executive
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Our Partners

Greg Moore, VP Of Business Development At Meritus Capital - REV Capital
Danielle Reboli
EVP – Eastern Division
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Greg Moore, VP Of Business Development At Meritus Capital - REV Capital
Greg Moore
VP of Business Development at Meritus Capital
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Our Milestones
Over the Years

Continued Expansion
Revolution Capital acquires Grand Financial New York and Growth Capital. The company expands its US presence by opening Mid-West and Southern offices in Kansas and Texas.
Baron Finance
Baron Finance is founded with the hopes of providing liquidity to growing businesses.
New Leadership
Michael Lukhton is appointed CFO.
Loren Shifrin joins as COO.
REV Capital
Loren Shifrin leaves Baron Finance and launches Revolution Capital on June 1, 2017.
The Merger
Revolution Capital merges with Baron Finance to capitalize on its stellar reputation, broad business contacts, and experienced team.
Strategic Acquisitions
Revolution Capital acquires Grand Financial, Royal Financial, and Atlantic Gateway.
REV Capital
Revolution Capital celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary by rebranding to REV Capital. REV Capital announces development of REV Tech and REV Foundation.

Our Awards

We are honored to be recognized for our outstanding customer service, creating industry-leading innovations, and being a top employer.

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Our Associations

REV Capital is backed by these associations who trust and support our mission to reinvent factoring.
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