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Your business needs a smart flexible funding solution. Whether factoring is used to fix a temporary gap in cashflow or as the backbone of your business, discover what REV has to offer.

Why factor with REV?

Reduce payment periods and access the cash you need now, not when your debtors feel like it

Imagine this: you’ve provided a service or product, settled costs with the debtor, and submitted the invoice to them. Then you find out you’ll have to wait 60 days or longer to get paid.
Factoring offers you:
  • Access to your hard-earned funds the same day
  • Full service facilities that include billing, underwriting, collections, and cash posting
The hardest part of your job shouldn’t be getting paid. Let us help you get back to doing what you do best.
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Dream, grow, and achieve all your milestones.

Consistent cashflow means quicker reinvestment in your business and increased flexibility.
With factoring, you can:
  • Jump on new opportunities
  • Confidently meet the demands of new clients
  • Take on larger projects
Businesses don’t get growth opportunities everyday. When they come around, we’ll make sure you’re able to take advantage of them.

What else can you expect from REV?

In addition to excellent customer service, transparent pricing, and the flexibility you need to succeed, we offer:
  • No cost for same-day funding
  • Complete back office support with your A/R
  • Free credit checks with access to over 85,000 broker files
With REV, anything is possible.
You dream. We provide.
That's the REV promise.
remove cashflow bottlenecks

How we helped this business reach $40M in A/R in just three years

When Arrow Group of Companies wanted to grow their operations. Their bank offered a line of credit with a limit so low, it wasn’t even enough to cover payables, let alone give them the funds they needed to expand.Lack of access to flexible capital was their most significant obstacle. REV Capital offered them a $5M factoring facility – with room for growth ...

Changing the game by putting you first

At the end of the day, you're in business for the people that matter most to you:
your clients and your family. If we can support you, you can support them.

Other Factors

Limited insight into your account and funding updates.
Big call centers and limited email support.
Hidden fees including origination fees, termination fees, limits, and more.
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24/7 access to our online portal for complete tracking and monitoring of collection notes, checks, purchase reports, and statements.
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Dedicated REV Capital Client Relationship Manager who understands the unique needs of your business.
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Transparent fee structures that never leave you guessing where your money is.

Onboarding With REV

What You Need To Get Started

Some information about your business
Tell us a bit about your business and customers. We've probably served your industry before, but every business is unique! Like most financial institutions, REV requires standard KYC documents such as Articles of Incorporation, Business Licenses, IDs, and Financial Statements.
Basic details about your invoices
In order to purchase an invoice, REV requires the same documentation that your client needs in order to pay. This usually includes the invoice, confirmation, and proof of service.
A signed application form
Filling out an application couldn't be simpler. A few quick questions stand between you and cashflow freedom!


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B2B service provider
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Creditworthy debtors
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Clear audit trail
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North American customers
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Monthly volumes up to $10 M
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No consignment sales
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No pre-billing
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No liens on A/R
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No warranties
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No progress billing
Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Some changes are hard.
This one is easy.
Get Funded

Not Convinced Yet?

Find out how your business can benefit from factoring by connecting with us. We speak English, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.
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