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Invoice Factoring

What is invoice factoring?


Businesses need consistent cash flow to maintain growth. But clients can take months to pay invoices for services rendered, stalling your business while you wait to cover your expenses. This is where invoice factoring (and Revolution Capital) comes in.

Submit your invoices to us and we’ll instantly advance you funds and handle collection from your client, freeing you up to do what you do best – grow your business.

We apply the payment against your customers’ accounts, deduct our fee and remit any remaining holdback to you.

Our 24-hour online portal allows you to monitor transactions in real time. If you should have any questions or concerns, your dedicated Revolution Capital relationship manager is always available to help.

Invoice factoring - Revolution Capital

1. You provide a product or service to your customer.

Invoice factoring - Revolution Capital

2. You send your invoice directly to Revolution Capital.

Invoice factoring - Revolution Capital

3. We pay you up to 95% of your invoice value same-day.

Invoice factoring - Revolution Capital

4. We wait for your client to pay us per their terms.

Invoice factoring - Revolution Capital

5. We return the 5% holdback to you less a small fee.