One of four small businesses will close as a result of cash flow difficulties or lack of access to capital. Banks and traditional lenders are tightening their fiscal belts.
We believe its time for a Revolution.

At Revolution Capital, we believe the best measure of our success is by the success of our clients. Our company is in the business of financing growth. Our clients are not just a number, their invoices are not just papers, and their concerns are not unimportant.

We believe that factoring is the most flexible form of cash flow financing for companies in almost any industry. We are always looking for ways to improve and innovate standard factoring practices so that small businesses can finally have a finance partner that is on their side.

Our Values

We believe that the road to success is never travelled alone. Revolution Capital is a finance company that cultivates mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, investors, brokers, vendors, debtors and most importantly our clients.

We believe that honesty, transparency and respect are necessary for mutual progress. Revolution Capital is a factoring company that cares… and not just about profits. We want to help our clients succeed and prosper because without them, there would be no Revolution.


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Upload your invoices with all appropriate backup via our online web portal.


Get Paid

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