November 1, 2022

REV Capital Named On Inc. Power Partner Awards List

Roundup highlights REV Capital as a B2B partner that support startups across all business functions and empower growth.
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REV Capital has been named on the Inc. Power Partner Awards, an internationally recognized list honoring B2B organizations across the globe. 252 companies that “Founders Can’t Live Without” were recognized on this year’s inaugural list as leading B2B companies that go the extra mile to provide game-changing support for small businesses. REV Capital was recognized in two categories on this year’s list, under Financial Services and General Excellence which featured only eight spots.

The list includes companies from a variety of industries such as marketing and advertising, health and human resources, financial planning, client relationship management, and logistics, as well as other areas of business. Companies were required to receive top marks from clients, certifying that their efforts have been instrumental in helping leadership navigate the dynamic world of startups.

These B2B partners support entrepreneurs across various facets of the business, including hiring, compliance, infrastructure development, cloud migration, fundraising, and more, allowing founders to focus on their core missions.

As part of the selection process, Inc. applicants received a survey package which was forwarded to their clients for feedback. Companies were evaluated on commitment, reliability, trust, creativity, supportiveness, and other virtues that offer value to clients.

REV Capital’s longstanding commitment to helping over 1400+ businesses grow by providing transparent, flexible, and dedicated cashflow solutions through invoice factoring, saw an overwhelmingly positive response in client testimonial surveys submitted to Inc.



REV Capital is a rapidly growing financial factoring company and asset-based lender with seven offices across North America. They are leading providers of trustworthy, transparent, and reliable cashflow solutions that provide clients with financial stability and opportunities for growth.

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