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At Revolution Capital, we believe that doing business with full transparency is more than just an option – it’s a requirement.

That’s why we grant clients complete visibility into every transaction in their account. 24/7. No guesswork. Find out when an invoice gets paid, whether they’ve paid too much or too little, and how much you’re being charged for each invoice. And if you ever need any clarification, your Relationship Manager is just a phone call away. There should never be any mystery around where your money is coming from or where it’s going – and at Revolution Capital, there isn’t.

Flexible Financing - Revolution Capital

Flexible Financing

Across companies in almost any industry, factoring is the most flexible form of cash flow financing. We’re always looking for ways to make it even better – constantly innovating standard factoring practices so that businesses can have a finance partner that is both cutting edge and truly on their side.

Finance company growing together - Revolution Capital

Growing Together

The road to success is never travelled alone. We know this because ours wasn’t either. We’ve worked hard to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, investors, brokers, vendors, debtors, and most importantly – our clients. Their success has been our success and vice-versa. We’re a finance company that believes in growing together. And we have.

Core Values - Revolution Capital

Core Values

Honesty, transparency, and respect are necessary for mutual progress and that’s why everything we do is guided by these core principles. Revolution Capital is a company that cares, not just about profits, but the success of our clients – because without them, there would be no Revolution.

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