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Get Exclusive
Discounts with
our Fuel Program

Save on gas with some of the biggest savings on fuel in the industry. The REV Fuel network includes discounts at thousands of fuel stops across North America.
Get Exclusive Discounts With Our Fuel Program - REV Capital

With REV Fuel, you can expect to
receive an average discount of:

Get Fuel Discounts - REV Capital

How can you get
fuel discounts?

  • Contact your CRM to join the program
  • Share a few documents to sign up quick
  • Grab your fuel discount card in 24 hours by mail or pick-up
  • Track, save, and monitor transactions and discounts online
  • Tap into North America's largest fuel discount network with REV Fuel

Unlock Discounts at
Your Favorite Truck Stops

You can find discounts at thousands of participating
locations across North America, including:


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Transparency For Truckers - REV Capital

Ready to get started?
Contact your CRM today and
#GetPumped to save on fuel.

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