May 9, 2022

Ontario Invoice Factoring Services

At REV Capital, we take great pride in being one of the top invoice factoring companies in Ontario.
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At REV Capital, we take great pride in being one of the top invoice factoring companies in Ontario. Forget about company size, industry, revenue, and the number of invoices. It’s our goal to provide you with professional service at a reasonable price.

With more than five years of experience serving clients in Canada and internationally, we know the ins and outs of invoice factoring. And of course, we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with you.


Per our website, here’s a definition of how invoice factoring works:

Submit your invoices to us and we’ll instantly advance you funds and handle collection from your client, freeing you up to do what you do best – grow your business.

Invoice factoring provides a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Increased cashflow: Forgetting about waiting to get paid. Invoice factoring allows you to receive payment the same day you submit an invoice. Now that’s fast!
  • Save time and money: In-house collecting is costly and time-consuming. It takes manpower. Invoice factoring allows you to pass off this task so that employees can focus on other tasks.
  • No collateral: Minimize your risk with invoice factoring. Unlike a secured business loan, no collateral is required.

Along with the above benefits, REV Capital was built on a foundation of reliability. Once you’re a client of ours, we’re here to take care of all your wants and needs.


Currently, we support over 1,200 businesses with services such as invoice management, collection, and credit underwriting services. So, we’re not just “another” invoice factoring company. We provide a full-service solution that’s unmatched in the industry.

We have the knowledge, experience, and team necessary to continue to meet all the needs of our Ontario-based clients.


At REV Capital, we serve companies in various industries. Here’s a list of the most common industries we serve but don’t be shy about contacting us to discuss your specific needs. We’re more than happy to provide additional information along with a customized quote.


Ontario transportation companies have many expenses, such as payroll, fuel, and insurance. Without positive cashflow, it’s difficult for these companies to stay afloat. If you work in this industry, invoice factoring allows you to receive payment the same day you submit an invoice. And that goes a long way in helping your cashflow remain strong.


Staffing companies have the unique challenge of dealing with clients that expect extended payment terms. If you agree to less than favorable terms, it could lead you to financial difficulties in the future.

If your staffing clients are neglecting to pay in full and/or on time, invoice factoring can help. This gives you access to funds today, as opposed to waiting for months on end.


The manufacturing industry calls for positive cashflow and a sound financial foundation. You’ll always find yourself in need of more money. For that reason, securing payments on time is a must. Rather than fight an uphill battle, use invoice factoring to ensure that payments hit your account today.

Oil & Gas

Operating a business in the oil, gas, and/or gas industry is expensive. From the heavy equipment to the top-tier talent, your expenses are anything but cheap.

If your clients don’t pay quickly enough for your needs, factoring your receivables can help. Our factoring company in Ontario has oil and gas clients from one side of North America to the next.


Extended payment terms are dangerous to the overall financial health of your business. Protect against this by setting up an account with an Ontario invoice factoring company. This removes the risk associated with lengthy payment cycles.


Wholesalers are all about products, products, and more products. Without physical goods, they’ll soon find themselves out of business.

Maintaining your quality standards is a challenge if you don’t have positive cashflow. Invoice factoring will help you exceed demand and scale your business.

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising agencies are always spending money. From entertaining clients to paying top-notch talent, money is needed to grow. But when invoices aren’t paid in full and on time, it can result in a cashflow crunch.

Invoice factoring allows your Ontario marketing and/or advertising agency to continue to provide top-of-the-line service.

Disaster Recovery

When your clients need you the most, you need to be there for them. But that’s not easy if you’re struggling with cashflow issues. If you’re finding it difficult to collect from clients in a timely manner, it may be time to consider invoice factoring.

Government Contractors

Government organizations are known for taking a (very) long time to settle invoices. You’ll get paid eventually, but it could take several months or longer. This can take a toll on your cashflow, thus making it difficult to deliver the quality you promised.

Invoice factoring means same-day payments, giving you the cashflow you’re dreaming of.


Ontario invoice factoring services are second to none. We’ve been a leading provider in Canada for more than five years, which is a testament to our customer service, competitive pricing, and professional team.

If you’re ready to learn more about invoice factoring, contact us online or via phone at
1-855-489-0310. Our team of professionals is standing by to answer your questions and share their knowledge.

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