July 5, 2022

How to Grow Your Business: 7 Essential Tips

For most business owners, CFOs, and other C-suite executives, growth is a goal. Driving more money, attracting more customers, and expanding operations are all a part of establishing a foundation for success. However, this goal can be easier said than done.

How to Grow Your Business: 7 Essential Tips

For most business owners, CFOs, and other C-suite executives, growth is a goal. Driving more money, attracting more customers, and expanding operations are all a part of establishing a foundation for success. However, this goal can be easier said than done. There's no guaranteed way to go from zero to hero in the business world, but taking the right approach from day one can make the road as smooth as possible. When your focus is on strong, sustainable growth, keep these strategies for how to grow your business in mind.

1. Hire Right, Not Fast

There's a reason employees are often referred to as "human capital." Truly, the people who work for you can be your most valuable assets – or your biggest burdens if you don't choose properly. When hiring, warm bodies aren't enough; the focus should be on finding the right people capable of accomplishing big tasks in line with corporate visions. High-quality employees can manage the day-to-day tasks with minimal oversight, freeing up your time for the most important elements of operating a business.

Keep in mind that sometimes, finding the right person takes more than a Zoom interview and a background check; make sure you're approaching hiring in the right way to attract top talent.

2. Learn to Adapt

It's good to have a corporate mission you believe in, but part of making it in business is being adaptable. In many cases, plan A and plan B and even plan C won't work out as intended, and you need to be able to pivot on a dime to avoid losing revenue or missing out on good opportunities.

As you grow your business, look for alternative ways to get where you need to go. Not taking the easy way out, of course, but rather identifying paths that can be explored should original plans not proceed as projected. The ability to change avenues quickly can be the difference between growth and faltering, especially when times get tough.

3. Focus on What's Tried and True

When exploring how to grow your business, it’s easy to feel like the possibilities are endless. However, feeling like the possibilities are endless and the possibilities actually being endless are very different. A lot of new businesses try to take on too much, too fast, and spread themselves too thin.

If you have a model that works – a service model customers love, a product your business is known for, or a unique array of offerings your business hinges on – it's important to continue to make this a priority. You don't want to alienate your customer base; instead, bolstering it should be a priority as you take things to the next level. In addition to growth strategies, consider tactics like referral and loyalty programs to stay true to your core.

A business owner assisting a customer

4. Prioritize the Customer Experience

When growing profits becomes a priority, be sure to remain committed to what matters most: your customers' experiences. Without loyalty and appreciation from your customers, you have nothing – no matter how big you get. Far too many companies put profits over people, assuming that bringing new business in is more valuable than keeping existing business, but the opposite is true.

As you grow your business, it's important to keep those who stuck with you from the start dedicated and happy. These customers can be among your biggest strengths, especially if things get rocky or complicated as your business develops.

5. Stay Current

In the digital era, the business world is moving faster than ever. What worked one year very well may be dead the next, which means you need to invest energy to stay up to date. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to abandon strategies that are working for you or have a high ROI, but you should always be open to ways to remain current in the world of digital marketing and advertising.

Note that not every new innovation is worth investing in; it's always worth taking the time to beta test, doing a deep dive into strategy, and managing a slow roll-out before going all in on the next big social platform.

6. Know Your Competitive Advantage

Every successful business has at least one competitive advantage – a way to stand out in their space. This may mean the lowest prices, the highest quality products, the most complete service packages, or even a reputation for stand-out customer service. No matter what it is, it's critical for a business owner or C-suite exec to know both their competitive advantage as well as how to make the most of it while striving toward growth goals.

By identifying how your business stands out in a crowded space, it can be easier to set goals while ramping up. In addition, knowing this about your business can help you better analyze your competition, including where they're succeeding, where they're not, and how to capitalize on their struggles.

A business owner counting bills 

7. Find Value in Invoice Factoring

For companies in a growth phase, cashflow constraints can be problematic, particularly when there's a compelling opportunity on the table but no way to pull the cash together to invest. However, with invoice factoring on your side, you can make cashflow issues a thing of the past.

Rather than waiting for vendors, clients, or servicers to make good on unpaid invoices, invoice factoring can reduce payment periods to guarantee cashflow on hand when you need it. This makes growth faster and easier, guaranteeing available capital on a moment's notice.

Grow Your Business the Right Way

Learning how to grow a business in a successful and long-term way is always going to be something of a challenge. However, by knowing where you're excelling – and where you have room to expand without sacrificing current successes – you can create a growth plan that will help you get to where you want to go as smoothly and easily as possible.

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