June 13, 2022

British Columbia Invoice Factoring Services

With many years of experience serving clients in British Columbia and beyond, we know what it takes for a company in your position to succeed.
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At REV Capital, our team of experienced and knowledgeable invoice factoring specialists is available to provide you with top-notch service. We have a longstanding reputation as being one of the top British Columbia invoice factoring companies and look forward to the opportunity to show you why.

With many years of experience serving clients in British Columbia and beyond, we know what it takes for a company in your position to succeed.

Reliable Invoice Factoring Services in British Columbia

Let’s start with a definition from our website of how invoice factoring works:

Submit your invoices to us and we’ll instantly advance you funds and handle collection from your client, freeing you up to do what you do best – grow your business.

By now, you’re probably wondering what the benefits are of working with a factoring company in British Columbia.

  • Increased cashflow: You no longer have to wait for clients to pay their invoices. You’ll receive immediate payment upon submitting your invoices to us.
  • Financial flexibility: It’s a challenge to plan for the future when you don’t know exactly when your customers will pay their invoices. Invoice factoring gives you flexibility as you generate immediate cashflow.
  • Save time and money: Forget about wasting time and money collecting on invoices. Use those resources for more valuable tasks.
  • No collateral required: Some business bank loans require collateral, but that’s not the case with invoice factoring. No collateral means no risk.

And don’t forget about our reputation as one of the leading invoice factoring companies in British Columbia. You can trust us to provide you with high-quality service, day after day.

Our Commitment to Companies in British Columbia

We support over 1,200 businesses with services such as invoice management, collection, and credit underwriting services. We’re not just an invoice factoring company. We provide a full-service solution to help your business run efficiently.

Industries We Serve in British Columbia

At REV Capital, we serve companies in various industries and verticles. Continue reading for a breakdown of the most common industries we serve. If you don’t see your industry, contact us to discuss your situation and learn more about how we can help.


Insurance. Fuel. Payroll. Repairs. Upgraded technology. The list of expenses associated with managing a transportation company is unlimited. Waiting too long for invoices to be paid can bog down your company. And that’s why so many transportation companies use invoice factoring to strengthen their cashflow.


One of the primary challenges in the staffing industry is clients who request extended payment terms. It’s okay to grant these terms, but only if you have a cashflow plan in mind. By using invoice factoring, you’re able to satisfy your clients without putting the financial health of your business on the line.


Think about all the expenses associated with manufacturing. Equipment, repairs, payroll, and that’s just the start. The time it takes to receive payment can make or break your business. Rather than take a risk, use invoice factoring to receive same-day payments. This isn’t a decision you’ll look back and regret.

Oil & Gas

There’s no shortage of expenses associated with running a company in the oil, gas, or gas industry. As these expenses add up, you’ll realize the importance of remaining cashflow positive.

If your clients continually wait until the last minute—or longer—to pay, you need an invoice factoring company on your side. You will receive payment the same day you submit your invoices. Talk about fast!


It’s a challenge to run a logistics company when you don’t have the cashflow to service your clients and keep up with competitors. Improve the financial health of your business by collaborating with an invoice factoring company in British Columbia. With this approach, you’ll receive payment for invoices immediately. There’s no more waiting around.


Wholesalers face one expense after the next, many of which pop up without notice. If your cashflow has come to a grinding halt, use invoice factoring to get back on track. With this approach, you’ll never again have to wait for an invoice to be paid. Your British Columbia invoice factoring service will take care of it the same day you submit an invoice.

Marketing & Advertising

Your clients expect big things from you, and without positive cashflow, it’s a challenge to deliver in full and on time. If you’re waiting for invoices to be paid and suffering financially as a result, take back control by partnering with a British Columbia invoice factoring company.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen and it’s your job to help clients recover as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since you need money to do that, it’s important to maintain your financial footing. Invoice factoring allows you to receive immediate payments for invoices.

Government Contractors

Government entities don’t generally pay invoices quickly. Instead, it can take months or even a year to make good on them. If you have government contracts and are struggling financially, invoice factoring could be the solution you’re seeking.

Get Started Today

We’re proud to provide invoice factoring services to companies throughout British Columbia and beyond. If you’re seeking the same service, contact us online or via phone at 855-489-0310. We can answer your questions, share guidance, and provide details on how to get started.

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