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Slow and Not-So-Steady

Cut through the layers of red tape and painstaking invoicing procedures with invoice factoring. Don’t wait longer than you should for payments to reach your account.

Why Invoice Factoring for Government Contractors?

Cut Through the Red Tape with Factoring

Getting things done as soon as possible is never as easy as it would seem when dealing with the government. Getting paid as soon as possible doesn't have to be.

Bureaucratic red tape is a tale as old as time

We all know about the layers of red tape, bureaucracy, and complicated processes involved with government work. As a contractor, that usually means painstaking invoicing procedures and waiting longer than you should for payments to finally arrive. This waiting period can create a serious cash crunch, preventing you from seeking out new work. The best way to cut through red tape is to avoid it entirely.
Invoice Factoring for Government Contractors
How can we help

How we can help

Factoring your receivables puts cash in your account sooner so that you can invest in your business and plan for the future instead of relying on payments from the past. Learn about how you can benefit from invoice factoring as a government contractor by contacting a REV Capital Client Relationship Manager today.


What is factoring in government contracting?
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How do factoring contracts work?
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What is the difference between factoring and invoicing?
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What is the rate for factoring in government contracting?
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What are the benefits of contract factoring?
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Onboarding With REV

What You Need To Get Started

Some information about your business
Tell us a bit about your business and customers. We've probably served your industry before, but every business is unique! Like most financial institutions, REV requires standard KYC documents such as Articles of Incorporation, Business Licenses, IDs, and Financial Statements.
Basic details about your invoices
In order to purchase an invoice, REV requires the same documentation that your client needs in order to pay. This usually includes the invoice, confirmation, and proof of service.
A signed application form
Filling out an application couldn't be simpler. A few quick questions stand between you and cashflow freedom!


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B2B service provider
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Creditworthy debtors
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Clear audit trail
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North American customers
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Monthly volumes up to $10 M
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No consignment sales
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No pre-billing
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No liens on A/R
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No warranties
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No progress billing
Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Some changes are hard.
This one is easy.
Get Funded

Not Convinced Yet?

Find out how your business can benefit from factoring by connecting with us. We speak English, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.

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Building a forward-focused financial services company means realizing that our sustainable growth is only possible alongside our customers' growth. Guided by these people-first principles, REV Capital has become synonymous with cashflow financing for enterprising businesses across North America.
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Contact a REV Capital Client Relationship Manager today to learn more about how invoice factoring can help your business grow, expand, and rise above the competition. We speak English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, and Punjabi.
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