June 1, 2022

REV Capital Launches REV Tech as Part of its Mission to Reinvent Factoring

REV Capital delivers on its commitment to invest in technology with the launch of its first new subsidiary.
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TORONTO, ON (June 1, 2022) – REV Capital, the leading provider of factoring and cashflow financing in Canada and the United States announces the launch of REV Tech. This new subsidiary demonstrates REV Capital’s commitment to investing in technology as part of its mission to reinvent factoring.  

As an important subsidiary, REV Tech has its own mission: to democratize the transportation industry’s access to resources. To achieve this, the company is building a platform to integrate and unify multiple service offerings required by the transportation industry such as factoring, fuel discounts, dispatch software, and much more.

Appointed as Chief Operating Officer of REV Tech is Bheesham Singh, an industry veteran who has spent the past 20 years driving profitability for his clients. Recognized as someone who operates with passion and purpose, Bheesham will bring guidance along with operational efficiency to the REV Tech team.

“This is an exciting time for the industry and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team developing advanced technological innovations designed to have such positive, long-term benefits,” said Singh.

Spearheading the technology as REV Tech’s new Chief Technology Officer is Akber Abbas. With experience spanning nearly two decades in the tech and start-up space, this role is a perfect fit for Abbas.

“I’m very excited to be working with REV Tech to develop innovative solutions that enhance efficiency optimization and data analytics in our quest to reinvent factoring,” said Abbas. “We’re in a unique position to leverage fintech to improve customer experience based on continually changing needs — this is definitely a key turning point for the industry.”

REV Capital’s CEO, Loren Shifrin will serve as the CEO for REV Tech. REV Capital’s CFO, Michael Lukhton will serve as the CFO for REV Tech. For more information, contact info@revinc.com or visit www.revinc.com



REV Capital is a rapidly growing financial factoring and asset-based lending company with seven offices across North America. They are leading providers of trustworthy, transparent, and reliable cashflow solutions that provide clients with financial stability and opportunities for growth.

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